Friday, January 31, 2014

open books

Are we not
like open books,
wearing hearts on our sleeves,
visible and endearing as dog-eared pages,                 
yet knowing the best we offer,
the juiciest parts of us,
will be found only by those wanting,
daring enough,
to read between the lines?


Saturday, January 11, 2014

nothing lasts forever

I have been very wrongly accused by the wife of a friend, an old and dear friend.  Her words came at me in the night, unexpectedly and with the tone of a woman scorned.  

My friend, now a stranger to me, a ghost, chose to cease our friendship.

I've no place to present myself except in this spot, this blank slate where I come to always speak honestly and from my heart, but the very truths which I could write, which might help a misguided wife find her way, I suspect, would fall on deaf ears. 

I am sad.  I am hurt.  I am pissed.