Monday, November 15, 2010

under the radar

Okay, maybe I did have just a wee bit of vino before Sunday's Anna Bolena.  But I wasn't seeing things.

I love the Winspear.  That blood red!  That chandelier!

Spoke and I were walking through the beautiful lobby; soaking up the space before the show.  Just to my right, close enough to touch, was First Lady Laura Bush. 

Not one to be star struck, I was star struck.  Like the rest of the crowd though, I managed to stare discreetly.  That wasn't our give-away.  It was the hush that had come over the lobby bar as we all watched her get in line with everyone else.

A First Lady not wanting to be first.  

There was no privileged exiting either.  She stayed til the fat lady sang.

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