Sunday, January 30, 2011


Grab your coat and get your hat.
Leave your worry on the doorstep...

It's never been my favorite song but it was playing and Tyrell was singing when I started the car.  Colleen and I had just left our evening of jazz with Mark's sax still ringing in our ears.  He made us want for more!  We had a half hour drive so we listened.

"We live there you know," she said out of the blue as the song was ending.

Hmm...I'm thinking, halfway down Central Expressway.  What, dear Mom, are you talking about?

"We live there.  You and me.  On the sunny side of the street."

There it was.  I should have seen it coming.  My mom, always positive, always seeing the good.

Always telling the truth.

"I'm trying to see, Mom," I whispered to her today, as I sat outside where together we'd watch the doves so gracefully float down for their dinner.  "I'm trying."

You see, she passed away yesterday.  January 29th.  Her birthday.

This rover, crossed over...

On The Sunny Side Of The Street
J. McHugh and D. Fields

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