Tuesday, July 5, 2011

it's my party!

Okay, so I did cry a little.  You would cry too because the kindness of people can just do that to you sometimes. 

My sister Robin and my friend Elizabeth, threw a little party for me at my favorite wine bar. 

Wine!  Cheese! 

"Say cheese everybody!"

There were flowers.

And other flowers.

There were sparkly things on the tables.

Someone brought handmade chocolates!  Bless her.

Someone told jokes. 
(She may have arrived on a motorcycle -- I'm not sure.)

Best of all, THERE WAS JAZZ




The Mark McKenzie Quartet was playing and for much of the night it felt like a private party.  Dear old friends came by and new ones too. 

I met Gary.  We talked standards.

The MMQ played the sultry Bye Bye Blackbird for me.  A gift. 

Then boy, did they ever swing with The Way You Look Tonight.  Another gift. 

And, drum roll please......

.......they even played Happy Birthday To You. 

Thanks guys. 

Love you guys. 

You too Sam.

Sam was filling in for Lakewood George.  We were digging him.

Then Peggy tripped and fell.  We got ice.  Peggy went to the ER. 

Time flew.   

Dani stayed late; we talked blogs. 

The quartet played an encore! 

I didn't want the night to end. 

D'Vine Wine, Firewheel
Come hear the Mark McKenzie Quartet - First Friday of each month.

{Peggy's okay.}

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