Friday, September 23, 2011

for brides to be

I was washing dishes, something I really never mind doing; jazz might be playing or my mind might be wandering... 

Spoke comes around and kisses my neck.  I turn my head for him to kiss the other side, just like I always do, but last night my hair was pinned up with a large clip which caught his face as his lips moved from right to left.

He didn't say anything but as he left the kitchen and I turned to smile at him, he posed; one eye blinded and completely shut, the other blinking furiously, his head wobbling about as if he could see nothing from this wounded eye. 

Marry a man who makes you laugh!  Big, spontaneous laughs.

Standing there at the sink, I realized how long, how very long it's been since I laughed like that. 

This summer, this wretched summer... 

Seventy days of triple-digits broke the record for the hottest summer and it's been the driest as well.  Flowers are long gone and even the lambs' ears have struggled.  Cooking came to a standstill and we never found enough enthusiasm to hang the kitchen chile pepper lights this year. 

The hot summer months have also brought sadness, illness, and death to so many people close to me.  When your friends hurt, you hurt.

Today though, is the first day of autumn. 

Windows and doors are wide open, the big black crows have returned from wherever they vacationed this summer, and there are pumpkins in the markets.  The state fair is coming which means we will get some rain because it always rains when the fair is here.  We'll turn the oven back on and maybe fire up the grill.  Mostly we'll do nothing on several bistro patios. 

Oh, happy fall! 

I plan to laugh myself silly, right up to Thanksgiving.

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