Thursday, January 19, 2012

she's a hitt with me

I'd like to say Happy Birthday to my friend Cindy.
Here are just a few reasons why I adore her:

 She keeps good gin in her refrigerator.

She introduced me to Eudora Welty.

She brought me pencils from Harrods in London. 

She bravely reupholstered a living room chair in white linen.

She loves peonies.

She wraps gifts in pages torn from old atlases; where you've been or maybe where you'd like to go.

She's not afraid of anchovies.

She was willing to sit with me up-front-and-center to hear
Pat Conroy speak at the Dallas Museum of Art
which meant when we lined up for the book signing,
we were at the end of the line; the three hour long line. 

She cried at Madama Butterfly.

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