Monday, April 9, 2012

who needs paris

As a blogger who left her heart in Florence, it's easy to be envious of other bloggers living in foreign cities they love; cities boasting beauty with every forward step or sideways glance. 

"If I had a better lens and we lived in Paris, I could take photographs as striking as theirs," I say to Spoke, kissing him on each cheek, shouting au revoir as I leave for the arboretum. 

You might say it's become my little Parisian hideaway, this space of dense beauty with benches throughout on which to sit and savor, to think, or watch people stroll. 

How beautiful the arboretum was during Dallas Blooms!

I returned a second time to the festival, anticipating even more shots but the cherry blossom trees were by then hard to spot, a single bloom not to be found on their branches.  Wisteria had begun to pale and tulip beds, though still beautiful, were losing their fullness. 

I sat in the warm sun at a cafe table across from Crape Myrtle Allee, the arching canopy of trees which I showed you last fall.  The sweeping alley is my favorite spot in this park, perhaps in all of Dallas. 

It was then, with the briefest sideways glance, that I saw her and I took this photo. 

I think it's very striking.

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