Sunday, February 24, 2013

here's to you, hoffman

A shot of Patron in the back of a limo?  Yeah, I get that.

Bon Appetit's "Back Of The Napkin" featured Dustin Hoffman giving readers a brief glance into how his Oscar night is likely to play out.  To summarize: he has a shot or two to calm his nerves, is then gracious to the least known reporters on the red carpet, gets through the evening win or lose, skips the parties to head home with a traditional and favorite post-show, fast-food dinner stop.

Tonight I may be rooting for Michael Haneke to win Best Director but I'll share private moments with Hoffman as I enjoy a messy Shrimp Po' Boy, curled up in our worn recliner, watching the show on recorded delay about the time he's eating an In and Out burger in the limo.  Worlds apart we are but not really.  Not so much.

I love that thought and I think if I met him, I'd love Dustin too.

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