Sunday, April 28, 2013

that seafood joint

It doesn't smell like a pier stand or a seafood joint you might run across on the East Coast but it kind-of feels like one.  The menu is both straightforward and odd and the food is great.

I say joint partly because that's the name; 20 Feet Seafood Joint.

Spoke and I checked it out Friday night.  I grabbed the dry Riesling from the fridge and we headed toward Casa Linda, our mouths watering at the thought of a really good seafood spot having opened close by. 

(20 Feet is currently BYOB and I do wish they'd consider staying that way though if I'm honest, come August, a cold Hendricks and tonic with cucumber could hit the spot alongside a bowl of those famous Green Room Mussels.)

We couldn't wait to eat but we took our time, hoping to grab a different table as soon as one opened up, to escape the ceiling vents blowing cold air upon us, which granted, I'll surely appreciate in the summer as I sip that gin and tonic and try to cool down... 

Once comfy, we split an order of Fish and Chips, cutting the last, third piece, right down the middle, threatening our better half if they tried to edge out any bigger chunk of the plump, snow-white cod.  I'd read about the fries so I was expecting them to be exceptionally good.  They were; hot and crisp with a light touch of herbs.  The Lobster Roll, served chilled, we saved for last, and it was about as good as I'd heard; simply dressed meat bursting out of a buttery, almost brioche-style, bun.

Tables all around us were sharing Blue Point Oysters.  If I'd had a large conch shell to put up to my ear, I do believe I'd have heard it summoning me to make this the place, the joint, where I get over my fear and learn to enjoy raw oysters. 

Until then, there's so much to entice me and all of you at 20 Feet Seafood Joint; Caesar salads with shrimp, salmon, or pork belly, five types of Po' Boys, chowder, clams, and main dishes like Blackened Shrimp Scampi with Parmesan Grits.  Check the counter for daily specials.  

Did I mention Falafel, Ramen, and the Mexican Shrimp Cocktail? 

The restaurant is just down the road from the Dallas Arboretum which I frequent and that's a good thing for I love to walk the entirety of the vast park.  You see, I fear, 20 Feet could quickly mean 20 pounds. 

20 Feet Seafood Joint
1160 Peavy Road, Dallas, 75218, 972.707.7442
Look for the pale blue Jolly Roger flag flying high!

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