Sunday, September 22, 2013



The Alchemy to Gold art show was held last tonight at evol society which is the home store of Roma boots and a huge supporter of local artists and causes.  It's an odd name, evol, I thought when I first heard it, wanting to call it evolve from then on.  By all its definitions, evolve made sense to me when I thought about the store hosting this show.

evolve: 1) develop gradually and naturally
I suspect that is how much of the art shown last night came to be; a spark of form or color or matter gradually and naturally became something tangible.  Likely too, that many personal and business relationships had to have evolved as well for this night to come together.

evolve: 2) devise (a plan)
Artists were chosen, this venue was secured, sponsors stepped up, volunteers did too, details were ironed out and disasters were avoided.

evolve: c) unfold
Finishing touches given, doors open, music starts, drinks are poured, food is served, talent is absorbed. 

This night did indeed unfold beautifully and here are a few of my photos to take you there.





In the company of all this wonderful art, there was one snapshot which truly made me gasp.  It was early in the show when I took the picture, a view I like to take, inside looking out.  This time was different.  There was a message and innocently enough, I finally, clearly, understood evol.   

evol society @ The Shops at Park Lane
Alchemy to Gold benefit for AIN, Aids Interfaith Network 
Show organized and designed by David Call
David Call Interiors and Alchemy Arts
(The Oxford American Desk Dictionary)


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