Friday, June 4, 2010

egg mcmenig

A week doesn't fly by that I haven't had a sandwich.
Here's the first of many likely to be posted. Weeknight fare---extraordinaire.

Egg McMenig

an English muffin
a slice of cheese
one large egg
sea salt
black pepper
fresh tarragon

Allow a slice of cheese to come to room temperature.

Toast an English muffin. Spread however much mayonnaise you like, on the bread. (Homemade would be great but let's be honest. Do you have freshly made mayonnaise in your refrigerator at the moment?)

Place the cheese on the top half of the warm muffin so it will begin to melt.

Place a pat of butter in a small fry pan over medium low heat. When melted, gently crack an egg into the pan. Cook until the white of the egg is firm, then carefully flip the egg over. Remove the pan from the heat and sprinkle the egg with vinegar.

Place the egg on the bottom half of the muffin. Season it with salt and pepper, and scatter freshly chopped tarragon leaves on top. Put halves together and slice.

Three ingredients send this sandwich over the top:
vinegar, sea salt and tarragon.

I keep a bottle of pepper-vinegar on hand but you can use any type you'd like.
Use a good 'finishing' sea salt. You will notice the difference.
One sprig of fresh tarragon will give you enough leaves for two sandwiches.

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