Monday, February 14, 2011

a royal pain

Bugger!  Bugger!  Bugger!  Bugger!  Bugger!

Maybe my tirade has something to do with having just seen The King's Speech today.  Yes, that must be it because I really did tell you the truth yesterday; Olympia was that smart! 

Still, my oven just died. 

Bugger!  Bugger!  Bugger! 

I was looking forward to pizza tonight. 

Spoke and I ran into Central Market this afternoon after the show.  I grabbed three of those CM brand, Italian made pizzas, planning to stock the freezer and avoid the microwave.  Bugger!

I also swung by the salad-bar where I loaded up on hard-boiled eggs.  "Egg salad on a toasted, sesame bagel, dear?"

Ah, well.  No crying in my wine here.  Colleen's voice comes in loud and clear.  Think positive.  It could be worse.

Bloody right Mom Mum, I say to myself, now that I've had a couple of hours...  

...a new cook top AND a new oven! 

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