Monday, August 22, 2011

i wish they would

My new readers don't know that FROM 3906 began because of a gate in Paris. 

They've not read how Jamie Cullum at the Lakewood Theater was about oh-so-much-more than the show.  They've not watched in awe as the blood-red amaryllis opened magnificently through four posts last November.  And they haven't known of the days that hurt so bad I thought I might also die. 

I want them to know.  It's what I do.  

We bloggers read from the beginning in the blogs we like.  And like a good book, we take our time, willing to get almost dizzy scrolling from bottom to top because we suspect there is much insight and joy in the months or years of posting that we've missed.

I'm reading a blog right now by a young lady in or near Tulsa.  She caught my attention with her ability to unabashedly, and beautifully I might add, express herself.  Hers was one I knew I had to read from the start, 2007, to know better for example, the how and why she came to be in a D.C. farmers market at the very crack of dawn, chasing down what she heard was a wonderful goat cheese. 

Bloggers get a bad rap, I think, many deservedly I'll admit.  But for those of us serious about words, desperate to use them to briefly entertain or provoke thought, and in the process so often bare our souls, we can be a beautiful thing. 

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