Thursday, August 11, 2011

what were we thinking?

Perhaps it was delirium that caused us to do this, to take on this major project; spring cleaning in the middle of summer, a summer which feels nothing like spring and may prove to be record-breaking before it's over. 

Spoke and I are house cleaning; one room at a time, top to bottom, wall to wall, corner to corner.  Every inch of every room and all things in them, gets wiped, dusted, washed, laundered, mopped, vacuumed, buffed, or polished.

Spoke spits, I shine. 

The madness began in what I used to call Momzie's room.  Now it will be known as the guest room though we have no potential guests.  It's a small room but large enough for the daybed, the large bookcase, and a wine rack which houses many favorite Sangiovese plus a few bolder reds. 

Mom often house-sat our Labradors when we traveled, declaring the week a little vacation for her as well.  It might have been true, prior to the stay when she rolled right off that narrow bed in her sleep, suffering painful contusions which lasted for weeks.

(I'm scaring you from any sleepovers, aren't I?)

More accurately, it's a reading room.  You can often find one of us sitting with a book or magazine in the comfy chair under the fan.  One of us often doses off in the comfy chair under the fan... 

No rest today; with one room down, we've gained momentum and moved on to the kitchen.  This space is long, a galley kitchen filled with too much "stuff" Spoke says, and for this week, and this week only, I'm agreeing with him. 

A minimalist's lifestyle can appeal to you when stuck in the midst of such a project, back and knees not what they used to be.  But I know as soon as every vinegar bottle is dusted and copper pots once again almost glow in the dark, this home cook will be happy as a clam in a bowl of linguine, surrounded by the things she loves. 

I'll keep you posted on our progress.

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