Tuesday, November 1, 2011

bye-bye october

It's November!  I can barely believe it. 

I know October ended last night for there were children knocking on our door much of the evening.  Precious children and all of them polite with "Thank-You" and "Happy Halloween" shouted over their shoulders as they flew down the steps, their candy buckets and bags just a wee bit heavier.

I had as much fun watching Spoke as I did the trick-or-treaters.  As kids would knock on the door, Spoke from inside, would knock back.  Freaked out a few! 

"You like Double-Bubble?" he asked as he dished it out.  If they answered yes, he'd glare and accuse them of sticking it under their desks at school.  Caught!

It's nice the month goes out on such a happy note. 

I hope November does too but I have my doubts.  Serious doubts.  With The Holidays right around the corner, I'm feeling like such a child myself;  I want my mama!  I want my daddy!

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