Sunday, November 20, 2011

i'm reminded

Of all the pictures I've taken, this may be my favorite.  It is so, not because it's the best or even a great photo, but because it reminds me of many things.  And I need sometimes to be reminded.

It reminds me of the enveloping hugs I received this year from many kind people.

It reminds me of stepping from shade into sun in the parks and along the streets of Florence on December afternoons. 

I envision an aging couple, strolling slowly, hand in hand down the middle of the path.  I know that if we are blessed, and in what will feel like the blink of my eye, Spoke and I will be that couple, shuffling along together under this canopy.  I'm reminded what a gift our love is.

I'm reminded of the magnificence of nature; these trees, willingly and gracefully bending for us.

There is a famous, uncredited photograph taken in France, of a man and a very young boy, together on a bicycle, riding down a street lined by trees much like these.  Two long baguettes are tied to the back of the bike.  There are times when I look at that picture and ache terribly to be somewhere else; somewhere I imagine the grass to be greener.  Then I am reminded of these trees, in this arboretum, where I can come and sit under their sway until I am ready to head home, stopping perhaps to pick up a couple of baguettes. 

I'm reminded that I believe there is light at the end.

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