Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I have a cold.

A good old fashioned cold. 

It dawned on me today that an old fashioned cold requires an old fashioned remedy.  Forget the spoonful of honey, lemon, and glycerine; I'm going for the Hendrick's.

Santa apparently read my post "gentleman george" back in October because he left a fat bottle of the gin under the tree for me.  I'm counting on the juniper in gin to heal me so I've just made myself a refreshing G and T.  Here's how I like it.

Put several ice cubes in (yes, of course) an old fashioned glass. 
Pour over them, an ounce and a half of gin. 
Squeeze a chunk of lime over the ice,
rub the rim of the glass with it and drop it in among the cubes. 
Fill the glass with tonic and give a very quick stir.

If one doesn't seem to help this cold, I'll have another. 

If the second G and T doesn't work, I'll follow the old fashioned folklore of making a wish on a crescent moon.  It's beautiful tonight!

Oh, but do I wish to be rid of the nasty cold?

Or do I wish for another bottle of Hendrick's?

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