Sunday, May 13, 2012

ranting and raving

If you are my friend you have undoubtedly heard me rant about partially-hydrogenated oils, chemicals, and other questionable ingredients present in too many grocery store items.  So it was with some disgust but a growling tummy, on the evening ending a very busy day, that I popped this frozen dinner into the oven. 

I try to boost the flavor and the nutritional value of such frozen entrees by adding ingredients or at least spices and herbs.  This night I tried to assuage my self-disgust as well.  Knowing I would be a lucky girl if there was more than an ounce of angel hair to be found in the small plastic carton, I put a pot of water on to boil then dropped some pasta; one with texture to it, coming straight from Italy.  

If you are my friend you have undoubtedly heard me go on about the importance of cooking pasta al dente, not only because it tastes so much better but because it is healthier, having a lower glycemic index rating, meaning a better insulin response. 

When the frozen dish was hot and bubbly, I tossed it together with my al dente angel hair and turned it out into a bowl.  Look; what a difference!  Al dente strands stayed firm, even nesting together while the packaged ones, slimy and bloated from overcooking, slid to one side where I let them remain. 

I can't say I'll not have another frozen dinner now and then when busy and hungry collide, but I can say, with certainty, that I'll continue my ranting against bad food. 

If you are my friend you have undoubtedly guessed this though, haven't you?

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