Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sister's day

Today is Sister's Day! 

It was a decade ago I guess, when I first exclaimed that to Robin.  

I'd let my dad in on the secret from the very beginning.  I knew he'd think it funny that I'd made the day up, and I knew he'd find it even funnier when I said, jokingly, that I figured I'd get a gift out of the day.  He had some belly laughs those first few Aprils when I'd remind him that Sister's Day was just around the corner.

The second year, I remember Robin telling me of her confusion and frustration, unable to find a single Sister's Day card to send to me!  I didn't confess then but shortly after, wouldn't you know, the greeting card industry did, designate a day for sisters. 

Robin and I ignored it; for us it will always be May 1st.

The very best part about it is we never made a big thing of it, giving our full attention instead to the May date we'd celebrate with Mom and soon after, the June date when we'd celebrate our father. 

Ours has become rather like a simple blessing we wish for each other on that day. 

Once when I was considering giving up this blog, Robin said if I ever did, she would feel "so deprived".  Praise doesn't get much better than that and even though it came from her, my beloved but biased sister, it touched me and I took it to heart and so it's in part, in some small part, that I am here, still a blogger, and wishing her a very happy and blessed Sister's Day.


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