Saturday, June 2, 2012

the days of wine and rosemary

It was one of those nights when all was right with the world.  They aren't orchestrated, they're just ordinary evenings when troubles are set aside for a while and everything seems somehow aligned. 

It was a beautiful evening here in Dallas; mild temps and a clear sky, the moon almost full.  Love seemed to swirl through the air. 

There was my obvious love for the music; listening to the Mark McKenzie Quartet do their monthly thing at D'Vine Wine.  They played Charlie Parker and they played a few of George's original pieces.  Early on they gave us a song you don't hear that often; a wonderfully arranged The Days of Wine and Roses

Love was evident on Jon's face as he showed us photographs of his children and his grandson born just ten weeks ago.  Bill was justly shown lots of love as the evening's guest bassist and Mark is a focus of envy now as he is soon headed to that city bursting with love; Paris!

George was shown lots of love too for it was his birthday!

There are some lines from a poem by Thomas Moore which I like to share with special people on their birthday.  I wrote them on a card to George and had it slipped into the tips jar:

"What though youth gave love and roses,
  age still leaves us friends and wine."

The love of my life took a stretch before the last set and when he returned, he placed on the table, a small sprig of rosemary he'd pinched off from the bush in a planter on the sidewalk. 

It's an intuitive man who knows the scent of the herb will linger through the night and can be as romantic as any vase of roses.

Before we left, with hugs and handshakes and well-wishes, it was Mark who commented on the oddity of wine and roses showing up in both song and poem tonight.  Interesting, the coincidence of it, he suggested. 

I thought about it; who knows?  Was it really by chance or was it orchestrated after all? 

I do know it was... lovely.

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