Thursday, June 28, 2012

if only i'd had a little bit

I am waddling into July, having eaten and drunk my way through the better half of June, all because I am officially a year older. 

Worth every bite. 

I am writing this to thank all of you out there who sent me well wishes for a great day and blessings for another year. 

I want to tell you about my birthday tradition... 

Some people like to open their cards as they arrive in the mail but I don't.  To me, that is rather like peeking before Christmas at your presents when you were a kid.  Instead, if I get a card in the mail or even if it's handed to me in person, I set it aside, to be opened around the midnight hour of my approaching birthday. 

We have a glass-top desk in our living-room and it faces a fairly large window.  Years ago, my mom suggested I off-set it and she was so right.  How different the table would feel if centered in front of that window. 

It takes a centered person to know that, I think. 

It is at this desk that I sit and open my cards.  This June, many had colorful flowers which brought a smile.  Some had glitter!  There was a huge, girlie-girl bow made of black netting on one.  But my favorite I admit, came from my friend Chris who without sight, designed this card on his computer and arranged for it to be sent to me in the mail.  "A birthday kiss from Little Bit" it says.  You see, I've a soft spot for Little Bit.  For Chris too... 

As the day of my birth unfolded, it was made HAPPY by internet messages; greetings sent instantaneously through this revolutionary world I'm just beginning to understand and accept. 

Later, dinner at the new MoMo Italian Kitchen was a very special birthday gift. 

I thank you all for your posted messages, the calls, the cards, the goodies; herbs-and-chocolate-and-wine-oh-my, and the champagne, the hugs, the kisses, the gifts, the celebrations, the toasts, and the dinners.  It was all FAB! 

What's a few pounds in exchange for all that? 

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