Wednesday, November 7, 2012

750 north st. paul place

Nineteen floors closer to heaven.

Blessed by the generosity of Sardone Construction, I attended Artist vs. Architect, an event featuring works by twenty-four Dallas artists.  Held at 750 N. St. Paul Place, more often referred to as the D Magazine building, the silent auction and friendly competition showcased works in the theme of overcoming poverty.  It was a gala supporting Dwell With Dignity

The exhibit layout was circular, art and architecture presented along windowed walls. 

Walking in circles has never been such fun! 

I watched a mural evolve throughout the evening.

I people watched.


Between laps, I sampled wine served by Buon Vino, and cocktails by Pisco Porton.

I stalked shoes all night.

I joined in, emptying platters of shrimp dumplings and lobster rolls as quickly as they'd been filled.

Around and around I went, seeing something new each time.

I had a couple of favorites.

Ultimately, I tossed my blue chip into the jar for Jeffrey K Jensen of HKS Architects because I've loved his watercolors for a long time now.  Check out his NYC scenes on his website.

The sun had set when an artist took the challenge of painting a canvas in eight minutes. The piece was a haunting reminder of the purpose for this evening.

Before leaving, I checked the traffic on the signature wall. 

I hope everyone was having a great time for a great cause. 

My thanks again to Stephan.

It was a BLAST!

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