Friday, July 14, 2017

let's see how far it goes


I'm willing myself to take deep breaths, for this feels as though I've run into you after a long unexplained absence, and I'm awkwardly hesitant that perhaps you expect me to explain.

If you've peeked at the blog since late 2015, you've probably figured it out.

Maybe his death was my escape excuse from blogging. I had realized, even before, that I had little creative juice left after five years...

It's a great thing about blogging: you can come or go, without explanation. Thing is about me though: I feel I owe explanations. Like I owe thank you notes or bar tabs.

I guess I want to tell those of you who have hung around, or are now checking in, that my absence was at its worse unexplained, but at its best productive.  I wrote a memoir!

I've been healing.

Hello old friends. 

I'm happy to be back. 


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