Saturday, July 22, 2017

thank you, 'm'

I call her The Intuitive.  I hope you get to read one day, in a classically published form, about the influence she has had on my life the past year and a half.

She came this week and spent a few hours with me.  I swear, she comes in as any other friend would, sometimes hair damp from a shower, but she somehow sprinkles fairy dust all around, and when she leaves, the dust settles.  Ideas, visions, revelations, truth---they emerge in ways that are too hard to explain in this space.  Sometimes the thoughts tease me and sometimes they slap me hard.

I think I experienced a little of both after Wednesday's lunch.  I am not ready to remove my wedding band, won't be for a very long time, but I have listened hard to the other messages she speaks in riddles, and what has come through is nothing short of miraculous.

To her, it was just Wednesday, doing what she does.

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