Sunday, October 3, 2010

this is .......

We've earned a weekend like this.  How sweet summer makes a fall day feel; you soak it up, anxious to lift your face to the warm sun. 

The ducks are loving it too.  They're getting much attention here at the Cottonwood Art Festival which is set up around their pond.  A few of them graciously posed for the camera.

This couple obviously didn't.... 

I heard music start from the bandstand across the water.  Goodbye ducks! 

"Come on, Mom," I said, neither of us ever one to pass up hearing a live band.  We walked along the path toward the music, people watching and checking out some of the funky art.   

It didn't take long to find the band (and the bar) and we sat for the rest of the afternoon, getting acquainted with Backside Pick.  Great band.  Tight band.  Loved them.   

"This is America," my mother said as we watched generations stroll by with painted faces, popcorn, and the family dogs. 

"You're right Mom," I replied, and once again, raised my smiling face up to the sun.

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