Saturday, April 16, 2011

get the hell out

How welcoming a door can be.

Tucked away in a quiet corner like this one

or claiming center-stage in a concealed courtyard.

Bells toll and magnificent cathedral doors open!

Of course, there are some doors I hope never to need to enter.

And doors that I could never, never tire of entering.

Here's our 3906 door.

It's a handsome door which will open to welcome you.  

I step outside this front door sometimes in the wee hours, to take a picture of the full moon or just to savor the quiet.  There's no other time of day or night that's so wonderfully quiet.

I stand on the walkway, knowing somewhere, there's another woman walking out her door in the middle of the night.  Maybe it's a ratty and torn screen door or maybe it's a custom-made, hand-carved, Italian import.  It doesn't matter; she got out!

It takes women in abusive situations, on average, seven attempts before they successfully leave.  Many of them have children.  Incomprehensibly, three children die every day as a result of domestic violence.

That's why I support Hope's Door.

Hope's Door provides emergency shelter and interim support for women leaving abusive situations.  They shelter, they counsel, they educate.

Their door is always open.

Hope's Door Hotline  972.422.7233 (SAFE)  Answered 24 hours a day.

Local Readers, You Can Help! 

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