Friday, April 29, 2011

a royal dream

The Queen announced there was to be a Royal Family Photograph. 
It would be formal, staged in a room at Buckingham Palace
Everyone was to dress in black or black and white. 
It was not, however, to include spouses, but only those
born into the royal family. 

There was to be a second Royal Family Photograph she explained, 
which would include spouses.  
The picture would be taken in an informal setting,
perhaps the garden. 

They could dress in black or black and white but more casually; men with their ties loosened and shirts unbuttoned, ladies with their hair pulled up but mussed a bit. 
Or everyone could do the shoot in bluejeans
with crisply tailored, white shirts.

"But I don't have any bluejeans!" I wailed. 
(I do but they're a size six
so they've been hanging in the closet for years.)

What does this mean? 

Do I secretly wish to be a Duchess
do I just need to diet?

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